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Here’s how to create an exercise routine you’ll stick to

"If you’re trying to start exercising but don’t know how, this is for you."

If you’ve never stuck to an exercise routine before, working out can be intimidating. Creating an exercise routine is the first step in improving your fitness. A routine will help you exercise regularly.

It’s important to turn exercise into a habit. By doing it routinely, you’re more likely to continue doing it in the long term, according to one study. Cultivating an exercise habit can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together some tips for creating an exercise routine you’ll actually stick to.

1. Choose a kind of exercise you enjoy

This one may seem obvious, but many people believe that exercise is all work and no fun. If you’re a lifelong couch potato who’s trying to turn that around, you might think that exercise can’t actually be enjoyable.
You already have a favourite type of exercise: you just might not have discovered it yet. If you’re into competitive stuff, try a team sport you enjoy watching. If you’re a nature lover, hiking or walking might be ideal for you. If you like slow stretches, try a gentle yoga class.

2. Figure out when to exercise

When you look at your schedule, when can you fit exercise in? Do you have a free hour in the morning? Can you sneak off to the gym during your lunch break?
Choose a time to exercise and write it down. Set an alarm on your phone or add it to your iCal or Google Calendar. This way, you can’t put it off and say, “I’ll go later.”
Remember to schedule rest days, especially if you’re doing intense exercise. Your body needs time to recover in order to build muscle and stay healthy.

3. Purchase comfortable clothing that makes you feel great

You know the feeling you get when you slip into your favourite pyjamas after a long day? You want to feel the same way about your workout clothes - but instead of getting ready to sleep, you’re getting ready to break a sweat!
If you feel comfortable in your activewear, you’re far more likely to feel excited to work out.

4. Create a little ritual

Squeeze a pleasurable moment or two into exercise by creating a ritual you love.
If your routine is to walk five kilometres every morning, perhaps you can grab your favourite coffee on the way home. If you drive to the gym, take the scenic route there. If you work out at home, start by lighting candles, playing music, or doing a five-minute meditation.
This way, you’ll look forward to the ritual, even if you don’t look forward to the exercise. This is also a great way to celebrate yourself for sticking to your routine.

5. Focus on commitment, not motivation

We’ll let you in on a secret: you don’t need to be motivated in order to work out.
In fact, on many days, you won’t feel psyched to show up at the gym or on the yoga mat - but you’ll do it anyway because you’re committed to it. Focus on creating that habit. Work out because you committed to doing it, not just because you happened to be in the mood.

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